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The aim of this virtual event is to bring together employers, job seekers, and organizations committed to promoting environmentally responsible practices in the region while localizing the goals of the Green Jobs for Youth Pact regarding green job creation for youth, acceleration of jobs greening, and support to young entrepreneurs, considering that 3 out of 4 young people in Asia Pacific aspire to get a green job within the next decade (Accenture, 2022), especially in the industries of clean and renewable, energy, construction, sustainable food systems,  recycling and waste management 



Offer a platform for youth to find green jobs in their territories and learning options for upskilling and reskilling as a mechanism to localize the goals of the Green Jobs for Youth Pact


Highlight stakeholders that are contributing to the just transition of the region and promote investment in youth skills for a green economy as a mechanism to localize the Green Jobs for Youth Pact


Foster collaboration between businesses, government, UN agencies, educational institutions, and civil society organizations to work together towards delivering just transition in the region


YOUNGO is the official children and youth constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). YOUNGO is a vibrant, global network of children and youth activists (up to 35 years) as well as youth NGOs, who contribute to shaping the intergovernmental climate change policies and strive to empower youth to formally bring their voices to the UNFCCC processes

Technological Partner

SustenTalento is a youth and female led organization based in Lima, Peru that aims to promote green and sustainable jobs in Latin America through youth empowerment, facilitating upskilling and reskilling opportunities and advocating for a just transition to a green economy


The Green Jobs for Youth Pact is a legacy initiative of the International Meeting of Stockholm+50 in June 2022, where UNEP, ILO and UNICEF joined forces to along their member states, employers, workers organizations and educators to tackle the youth and green jobs deficit based through three tracks on: Employment and entrepreneurship, Environmental education, Empowerment and youth partnerships to make the transition to a low-carbon, circular and nature positive economy

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